Friday, July 24, 2009

Reunion Time!

Hi! I'm Alan Shisko, son of Stephen Shisko, son of Andrew Shisko. It's been quite some time since us Shisko's all got together for some serious quality time, so after years of threatening to do it, I've finally decided to get the ball rolling! I'm currently innkeeping at a not-for-profit retreat and conference centre called Kimbercote Farm with my family (wife Georgie and children Emory, 8, and Sophia, 6.) It's an absolutely beautiful place set amongst the rolling hills of Grey County, Ontario, and will make a perfect location for the reunion.

Not only will you meet friends and family from far and wide, but our location close to Collingwood offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Possible activities might include: kayaking and canoeing on the Beaver River, golf (it wouldn't be a Shisko reunion without golf!), exploring caves, creek-walking, swimming holes, hiking the Bruce Trail (which runs right beside our property), eco-adventures, beaches, and much, much more.

First things first, of course: a date has to be decided upon. I'm thinking sometime in mid-August 2010, which will give us some time to organize everything, and for everyone to make arrangements to attend.

So, Next things next, we'll need to start getting together contact information. If possible we'd like to keep it all internet-based, so please send a note to the reunion email address (shiskoreunion followed by the 'at' sign, gmail dot com) so that we can get you into the database. Also, please let all the other Shiskos know about it so they can get in touch as well. If you know of anyone who would like to attend but doesn't use the internet, please send a note and I'll put together a phone list as well.

I'll be updating this blog from time-to-time as things progress, so please come back for a gander every now and again. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2010!

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